ChameleonMini Rev.G Enclosure

  • Dignify your ChameleonMini Rev.G with this custom clear polycarbonate enclosure. This item does not include a ChameleonMini Rev.G. The enclosure includes three polycarbonate parts and and four screws. If you're looking for more than just an enclosure, check out the ChameleonMini Rev.G

    The top and bottom piece are clear permitting the user to view the LEDs and board. The enclosure has two buttons for L and R as well as a switch to toggle power on and off. The design also include a thru-hole for attaching your ChameleonMini to a keychain (or something else).

    • In The Box: 1 top clear, 1 bottom clear, 4 screws
    • Dimensions: 11cm x 6cm x 0.8cm
    • Weight: 30g
    • Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
    • Manufacturer: Rysc Corp.
    • Made In: China

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