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We are now shipping improved Proxmark3's and Antennas with every Proxmark3 Kit purchase, please take a look at this blog post for more details.

  • The Proxmark3 kit includes everything you need to get started doing RFID / NFC research in style. It has always been our mission to prevent DOA shipments and so all of our Proxmark gear is thoroughly tested in-house prior to shipping.

    We have recently started shipping improved Antennas with every Proxmark3 Kit purchase. The HF Antenna has been completely redesigned with a new coil and components. The LF Antenna has the same design but small changes to the component values. These improvements will provide better read range and reliability. Details of improvements can be seen at this link.

    Inside the box you'll find an Enclosed Proxmark 3, LF Antenna, HF Antenna, EM4100, 1 HID 1326 ProxCard II, 1 T5577 tag, 1 Mifare 1K, 1 Mifare 4K, and 1 Mifare Ultralight, 2 antenna cables, and 1 power/communication cable. The Proxmark client software and firmware are open source and available for download. We offer pre-compiled versions that correspond to the current version in use on the board (see the links tab).

    The Proxmark is the only SDR targeting NFC and RFID frequencies that is capable of both transmitting and receiving while meeting the timing requirements of most proximity protocols. The Proxmark also provides full control over the radio layer in addition to software support for several higher-level protocols (ex. ISO14443A).

    The LF Antenna enables communication with tags that operate at 125kHz and 134kHz (including HID Prox II, HITAG, and EM4100). The HF Antenna enables communication with tags operating at 13.56Mhz (including Mifare Classic/Ultralight, and iClass).

    The Proxmark has proven itself to be an invaluable tool within the research community. Here are some examples of how the Proxmark has been used to perform research:

    Rysc Corp. pioneered the first commercial Proxmark offering back in 2008. Prior to that point, obtaining a Proxmark meant building one yourself. Since that first commercial offering we have continued developing the device and have assisted thousands of individuals and companies, large and small.

    The Proxmark also makes a great educational tool. The entire platform (including hardware and software) is open source and can be readily analyzed and inspected. The Proxmark includes many of the major components found in a general purpose SDR but is simpler and therefore easier to understand. Faculty members should contact us about educational discounts if interested in incorporating the Proxmark into a course of study.

    Naked Proxmark3, Enclosed Proxmark3, LF and HF Antenna can be purchased separately. Please email for more information.

    WARNING: The Proxmark3 is a research and development tool. It has not been evaluated for compliance with regulations governing transmission and reception of radio signals. You are responsible for using this product in compliance with your local laws.
    • In The Box: Enclosed Proxmark, LF Antenna, HF Antenna, 1 HF Tag Bundle, 1 LF Tag Bundle, All Required Cables
    • HF Tag Bundle: 1x Mifare 1K, 1x 4k, and 1x Ultralight Tags
    • LF Tag Bundle: EM4100, 1x HID 1326 ProxCard II, 1x T5577 Tags
    • Tested With: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS
    • Firmware: github-v3.0.1
    • Manufacturer: Rysc Corp.
    • Made In: USA
  • Software Documentation Community: Related Products
  • Below is a quick comparison of the Rysc Corp, Elechouse Proxmark3, and RFXSecure Proxmark3 Easy.

    Antenna Type PCB Wound wire PCB,Wound Wire
    Antenna Connector 4-pin Mini USB MMCX Integrated
    Dimensions 82 mm x 52 mm 82 mm x 38 mm 82 mm x 52 mm
    Battery Connector No Yes No
    Open Source Hardware Yes No No
    Firmware github-v3.0.1 github-v2.0.0 github-v2.0.0
    FPGA Spartan 2 Spartan 2 Spartan 2
    Microprocessor AT91SAM7S512 AT91SAM7S512 AT91SAM7S256
    Fully Enclosed Board Yes No No
    Made In USA China China

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