Proxmark3 Easy

  • The Proxmark3 Easy is a new addition to the Proxmark family. This redesign offers increased portability through a one piece design featuring an integrated HF Antenna and an LF Antenna that is connected with screws. The entire package measures a mere 82 mm x 52 mm. 

    Inside the box you'll find an Proxmark3 Easy, Shell Assembly, 125 kHz LF Antenna, 13.56 MHz HF Antenna, Power Cable, and Tag Bundle. The specific tags included in the bundle can be found under the Specifications tab. The Proxmark client software and firmware are open source and available for download. The Proxmark3 Easy ships preprogrammed running V2.0. See the links tab for client software builds.
    • In The Box: Proxmark3 Easy, Shell Assembly, LF Antenna, Integrated HF Antenna, Power Cable, Tag Bundle.
    • Tag Bundle: Mifare 1 S50, 2x 1K Chinese Magic Cards, 1x HID ProxCard, and 2x T5577.
    • Firmware: v2.0.0
    • Dimensions: 82 mm x 52 mm
    • Manufacturer: RFXSecure
    • Creator: Elechouse
    • Made In: China
  • Software Documentation Community: Related Products
  • Below is a quick comparison of the Rysc Corp, Elechouse Proxmark3, and RFXSecure Proxmark3 Easy.

    Antenna Type PCB Wound wire PCB,Wound Wire
    Antenna Connector 4-pin Mini USB MMCX Integrated
    Dimensions 82 mm x 52 mm 82 mm x 38 mm 82 mm x 52 mm
    Battery Connector No Yes No
    Open Source Hardware Yes No No
    Firmware github-v3.0.1 github-v2.0.0 github-v2.0.0
    FPGA Spartan 2 Spartan 2 Spartan 2
    Microprocessor AT91SAM7S512 AT91SAM7S512 AT91SAM7S256
    Fully Enclosed Board Yes No No
    Made In USA China China

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