Proxmark3 Kit

The Proxmark3 Kit is no longer available for sale, please take a look at our new Proxmark the ProxmarkPro.

The Proxmark3 kit includes everything you need to get started doing RFID / NFC research in style. It has always been our mission to prevent DOA shipments and so all of our Proxmark gear is thoroughly tested in-house prior to shipping.

Inside the box you'll find an Enclosed Proxmark 3, LF Antenna, HF Antenna, EM4100, 1 HID 1326 ProxCard II, 1 T5577 tag, 1 Mifare 1K, 1 Mifare 4K, and 1 Mifare Ultralight, 2 antenna cables, and 1 power/communication cable. The Proxmark client software and firmware are open source and available for download. We offer pre-compiled versions that correspond to the current version in use on the board.

WARNING: The Proxmark3 is a research and development tool. It has not been evaluated for compliance with regulations governing transmission and reception of radio signals. You are responsible for using this product in compliance with your local laws.

New and Improved Proxmark3 Kit





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